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Civil Rights in Mississippi Digital Archive:
Intellectual Property and Privacy Procedures

Pete Seeger and a Freedom School class in 1964

Privacy Policy

IMLS Grant Narrative: Intellectual Property/Privacy Section

As with other digital efforts, a central challenge of the project is addressing copyright and privacy issues. Avoiding technological methods that restrict user access to primary source material, the project participants will implement a process which includes identifying potential copyright and privacy issues, opening a channel of communication with affected individuals, and providing contextual information. The plan is as follows:

1. Integrate the identification of potential copyright/privacy instances within records into the creation of subject metadata.

2. From this process, create an annotated list of record creators and record subjects.

3. Locate as many of these individuals as possible using Internet and other reference sources. The search for these individuals will be documented using a form generated for the purpose. Besides facilitating the search, the search form will document that, even in the case of unsuccessful searches, a "reasonable effort" has been made to locate individuals on the list.

4. Contact affected individuals, provide information about the project, and request permission to include materials under specific conditions. The USM Libraries has already made progress in this area (see Appendix XII).

5. Post the names of remaining individuals on theIntellectual Property and Privacy Web site. The list will accompany a statement requesting that they contact the project coordinator, giving individuals disinclined to allow digital access to materials another opportunity to object.

6. Remove materials to which individuals with a valid copyright or privacy claim object.

7. Create an Intellectual Property and Privacy Advisory Board to govern the process, suggest alterations to the plan, and advise on individual concerns. Movement participants, collection donors-including those tied to collections by the white opposition-and the University's legal council will be included.

8. Attach a copyright statement to each item in the digital archive to inform users and discourage infringement.

9. Provide historical context for the materials through narratives linked to the site. Include a statement that information is provided from various historical perspectives for the purpose of scholarly research and that the points of view expressed are not endorsed by the provider.

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