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Intellectual Property

Pete Seeger and a Freedom School class in 1964

Privacy Policy

List of Missing Persons

It is our policy to address copyright issues of all documents before displaying them online. Following the procedures outlined in this website, The University of Southern Mississippi Libraries endeavors to obtain permission to provide digital access from the copyright holders of the original materials, as well as any other parties whose privacy might be compromised by the provision of digital access.

In the event that we are unable to locate these individuals within a reasonable time frame, we may provide digital access to materials for research use. We are still searching for the people listed below. If you are on the list, are the next of kin, or can put us in touch with someone on the list, contact McCain Library & Archives, or contact Peggy Price at 601-266-5077.

Austin, Vernon Lee
Bhuyan, Jan
Braden, Anne
Brumfield, Robert H.
Byes, Georgia
Davidson, Marion
Dean, Kenneth L.
Dilts, Adda
Else, Jon
Franklin, Sam
Garr, David
Goodman, Janice
Lewis, John
Lewis, Robert Z.
McCarty, Julie Ann
Merril, Gwendolyn
Mobley, Howard
Newcomb, Hugo
Oniki, Garry
Pate, Karen
Patton, Vassie
Robinson, Ray E.
Routh, Frederick B.
Satterfield, John C.
Smith, Carolyn
Stembridge, Jane
Stewart, Neretha
Waits, Jim L.
Willis, William B.
Wright, Loyd
Wyker, James D.
Zellner, Dorothy

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