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Civil Rights in Mississippi Digital Archive:
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Pete Seeger and a Freedom School class in 1964

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Please Note: Information included on the CRMDA Intellectual Property/Privacy site should not be considered legal advice. Site creators and content managers are not lawyers and do not represent legal counsel.

The Civil Rights in Mississippi Digital Archive documents an important era in our nation's history. Researchers travel to USM's McCain Library & Archives to explore the collections of original letters, photographs, and other materials which describe activities surrounding the Civil Rights movement in Mississippi. Many more individuals are now able to access primary sources via the Internet. In order to make items from the recent past available online, librarians and archivists must consider intellectual property and privacy issues.

As part of a grant proposal to the Institute of Libraries and Museum Services, creators of The Civil Rights in Mississippi Digital Archive devised an Intellectual Property/Privacy model to deal with contemporary works which may still be under copyright protection. This Web site outlines the components of the model, lists the names of copyright holders we were unable to locate, and provides resources, samples and other helpful materials related to intellectual property/privacy concerns.

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