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    • Communist cornucopia

    • cartoon by John Knudsen; A giant cornucopia labeled "Weapons to troubled areas" pours tanks, planes, submarines, and artillery upon the upper hemisphere of the earth." The caption reads "Communist cornucopia".
    • Snakes in the grass

    • cartoon by John Knudsen; A hand holds a marijuana cigarette. The smoke from the cigarette forms into the shape of snakes labeled "Snakes in the grass" The snakes are labeled "Paranoia,"Brain damage,"Impotence," and "Psychosis".
    • 1979;
    • Monkey on his back

    • cartoon by John Knudsen; A man labeled "Genuine College Student" pores over a book while sitting at a classroom desk. Meanwhile, a monkey labeled "Anarchist" crouches on his back.
    • Problem of will power

    • cartoon by John Knudsen; A dollar sign has been personified as a very rotund man labeled "Inflated dollar" He is looking at a book that is entitled "Fiscal responsibility diet book".
    • Snuffer?

    • cartoon by John Knudsen; An atomic symbol appears amidst the sparks of the burning fuse of an earth-shaped bomb. The head of a candle snuffer, shaped like a tied scroll of paper, hovers above the fuse. The scroll is labeled "Nuclear...
    • Put on the back shelf

    • cartoon by John Knudsen; A very large hourglass is standing in a living room. Instead of sand, the hourglass is filled with human skulls and bodies and is labeled "Biafra starvation, 6,000 deaths a day" A man reclines in front of a TV as he reads...
    • Hot foot

    • cartoon by John Knudsen; The huge boots of a giant soldier stand amidst a now partially ruined Czechoslovakian town. The boots are labeled "Russian occupation," and flames labeled "Czech indignation" flare up from beneath the soles of the boots.
    • A little more coverage would be nice

    • cartoon by John Knudsen; A boy and a girl stand in the upper right corner of the cartoon, hodling hands. They are wearing clothes that are far too small for them. The girl's dress reads "$600.00 allowance for dependents set up in 1948." In the...
    • 1969-04-25;
    • Opportunist

    • cartoon by John Knudsen; A slick-looking, broad-shouldered man wearing a suit sits on top of a metal barrel labeled "Middle East Powder Keg" In his right arm he cradles an armful of guns and ammunition. With his left hand he holds a picket sign...
    • 1969-09-26;
    • Naked ape

    • cartoon by John Knudsen; A giant ape labeled "Crime in the streets" holds a spike-studded mace and sits upon a giant throne labeled "Public disrespect for law and order" The corners of the throne are decorated with skulls, and it sits amidst the...
    • Oscar's last stand?

    • cartoon by John Knudsen; The base of a giant Oscar statue is labeled "1969 Awards For Decent Entertainment." The statue is situated upon the charred remains of a burned city. A massive fire buring in the background is labeled "Introduction of...
    • 1969-04-18;
    • Ghost of Christmas, present

    • cartoon by John Knudsen; A crying, emaciated child labeled "Biafran children" sits Indian style on the ground and holds an empty bowl toward the Grim Reaper who is labeled "Starvation" The Reaper stands, scythe in hand, and motions for the child to...
    • 1969-12-05;
    • Smoke gets in your eyes

    • cartoon by John Knudsen; A runner carries a torch labeled "Communist Propaganda" The runner's shirt is labeled "International Sports Events" The torch is giving off a thick billow of smoke, which streams back from the torch past the runner's head.
    • In for how many lifetimes?

    • cartoon by John Knudsen; A man labeled "Czechoslovak Freedom" sits on a bunk in a jail cell with his face buried in his hands. On the wall behind him, a a series of over 150 tick marks (in groups of five) have been scratched onto the wall. A...
    • 1969-08-29;
    • Shot down

    • cartoon by John Knudsen; A dove labeled "Vatican Peace Appeals" hangs upside down by its tied feet from the blade of a sickle. The sickle extends from the window sill of a brick wall. The dove's wings are fully extended downward and a tear issues...
    • Nudge

    • cartoon by John Knudsen; A man labeled "Congress" holds up a piece of paper that reads,"Proposals To Increase Dependents Allowance Above $600.00 On Income Tax" He looks over his shoulder because he has been nudged in the back by the rising plot...
    • 1969-12-12;
    • Tempered glass?

    • cartoon by John Knudsen; A giant man labeled "Red China Admission" is hunched over and runs head first into the glass windows of the face of the United Nations building. A cuff on the man's sleeve is emblazoned with a hammer and sickle.
    • Skeleton in the glass closet

    • cartoon by John Knudsen; United Nations Secretary-General U Thant stands at the base of the United Nations building. He has pulled open the face of the building, as if it were a door to a wardrobe. A giant skeleton labeled "30 years of communist...
    • 1969-09-19;


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