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    • Bomb shelter

    • cartoon by Eddie Germano; A bedroom is shown, and the bedspread is labeled "5th Amendment." A man hides under the bed, and he is identified as "Bobby Baker."
    • 1964-12-07;
    • Song of India

    • cartoon by Eddie Germano; A blind man with a beard is labeled "India" and is walking with a stick/cane. Mrs. Ghandi is helping him walk down a road with holes and cracks labeled "drought, birthrate problem, problems with border countries, and...
    • 1966-01-26;
    • Electronic age victims

    • cartoon by Eddie Germano; A child representative of "our young" is pushed back by a jumping television. Out of the t.v. set come rays of "violence" and "bad examples." A quote from Dr. Milton Eisenhower, Chairman of Presidential Commission on...
    • 1968;
    • Bicentennial, where it all began

    • cartoon by Eddie Germano; A disheveled woman sits on a hillside and states,"..And where it's all gonna end if Ford doesn't give us some help!" A purse to her side is labeled "Dame Boston and N.E." The caption reads,"Bicentennial, where it all...
    • 1975-03-03
    • Somebody's gulled out th' plug!

    • cartoon by Eddie Germano; A diver jumps off a diving board labeld "the big board." The driver, representative of the "stock market," realizes he is jumping into an empty swimming pool. The "stock market" exclaims,"Somebody's pulled out th' plug!"...
    • 1969-08-01;
    • Jammed in

    • cartoon by Eddie Germano; A father tells his wife and children,"Not me, I'm not drivin' to any beach with those roads clogged!" In the second frame, a father bird tells his family,"not me, I'm not flyin' anywhere with th' skies slogged with jets!"...
    • 1968-08-06;
    • His bark's bigger than his bite!

    • cartoon by Eddie Germano; A group of men are standing on the left of the frame and are labeled," uncommitted African and Asian Nations." A dog with Mao Tse-tung's head is labeled "Red China" and is growling loudly.
    • 1966-05-12;
    • Boiling over

    • cartoon by Eddie Germano; A large black pot labeled "summer crime" is "Boiling Over!" Out of the pot comes people of crime. Men holding money bags, guns, knives, and a car come spewing out of the fire hot pot.
    • 1964-08-05;
    • Dud!

    • cartoon by Eddie Germano; A large bomb hits the ground, and it makes a large "whomp." The bomb was labeled "GOP MIami Convention."The Public" is represented by a man wearing a business suit, and he has his fingers in his ears. The "bomb" and the...
    • 1968-08-12;
    • Ow!

    • cartoon by Eddie Germano; A large grizzly bear is labeled "Russia" and is wearing a chain with a hammer and sickle medallion on it. He is holding his foot, which has a large thorn stuck in the bottom of it labeled "Czechs."
    • 1968-07-29;
    • Visions of sugar plums

    • cartoon by Eddie Germano; A large man, a "1965 political appointee," rests in his bed while "visions of sugar plums" appear above his head. He hungrily licks his lips as it becomes clear that the "sugar plums" are translated to "jobs" and "money."
    • 1964-12-21;
    • In the nick of time

    • cartoon by Eddie Germano; A large, robust man in a suit is labeled "Business Growth" and carrying a briefcase. He is surprised that a large, steel beam is dangling over his head. The beam is held by a steel chain with a hook labeled "Interim...
    • And never on Sunday!

    • cartoon by Eddie Germano; A mailman delivers mail on Monday and a dog growls at him. The mailman says,"Here comes m'pal again with th'usual greeting!" On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday the dog runs after the mailman and bites at his...
    • And still growing!

    • cartoon by Eddie Germano; A man is looking at a young boy labeled "cost of living" and saying,"My, how you've grown." In the next frame, the young boy is taller and the man is saying,"And grown." The last frame shows the boy even taller and the man...
    • In the nick of time

    • cartoon by Eddie Germano; A man labeled "The little guy" is shown with a noose around his neck and hanging from a tree limb. A large hand, with the sleeve labled "Tax reforms," rises in an upward motion to catch the choking "Little guy."
    • Your vote counts

    • cartoon by Eddie Germano; A man referred to as "the guy who does all the squawkin'." says,"As a taxpayer I demand we get a better shake for our money...etc...etc." In the second frame, he is shown sleeping in a chair, and this note is included ".in...
    • Mr. uninterested

    • cartoon by Eddie Germano; A man sleeps in a hammock tied to two trees in his yard. The lawnmower waits to be used on the tall grass that is labeled "public apathy."
    • 1964-05-26;


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